As we move forward, there are new breakthroughs happening in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning every day, there are a lot of learners who want to get into this field and OpenCV is one of the most used, essential, and versatile python libraries available for anything and everything related to the images.

Let's start with installing the OpenCV. It is as straightforward as installing any other python library and you can pip install it but mind the name. For documentation and tutorial visit the offical page.

Once you’ve installed it, let us begin the tutorial. OpenCV…

Reducing a word to its base form using Stemming and Lemmatization is a part of the technique called Canonicalisation. Stemming tries to reduce a word to its root form. Lemmatization tries to reduce a word to its lemma. The root and the lemma are nothing but the base forms of the inflected words. just that the method is different in both.

There are some cases that can’t be handled either by stemming nor lemmatization. You need another preprocessing method in order to stem or lemmatize the words efficiently.

For example if the corpus contains two misspelled versions of the word…

The Boston Housing dataset contains information about various houses in Boston through different parameters. This data was originally a part of UCI Machine Learning Repository and has been removed now.

There are 506 samples and 13 feature variables in this dataset. The objective is to predict the value of prices of the house using the given features. The dataset itself is available at this link. However, because here we are importing this dataset from the scikit-learn itself.

let’s start by importing some libraries.

Now we need to import important modules from the sklearn

importing dataset from sklearn


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